Tennis Director,  Andrew Fearnside

Before arriving at Serrano, Andrew held the position of Tennis Director at the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club, Livermore Valley Tennis Club, and Natomas Racquet Clubs.  He also owned and manged the Fearnside Tennis Academy.  Before moving to California, Andrew was the Head Professional, Director of Junior Excellence and Director of Teaching Excellence at the Mid-Town Tennis Club in Chicago.  While living in the UK, he was the Head Professional at the Riverside Club in London, England.

Andrew has an extensive background in teaching tennis all over the world.  While living in Chicago, he was formally a USTA National coach for the Mid-West Section.  Andrew has trained over 200 nationally ranked and over 300 sectional ranked junior players, six players with ITF World Junior Rankings (including a former #1 world ranked junior player) and several former and current touring professionals, whcih includes three Federation Cup Players and one Davis Cup Player.

Andrew is an Australian teaching professional who is a former ATP world ranked player.  He was formerly a top 5 ranked player for singles and doubles age divisions in the USTA Nor-Cal Section and held USTA National and ITF World Senior Disvion rankings.  

Andrew holds an Elite Level Certification with the USPTA and holds the USTA High Performance Certification.  He also holds a USTA Sport Science Certification and is a USPTA Junior Development Specialist.  Andrew is also the USPTA Regional Director for the Sacramento Region.





1- Hour Private Lesson         

$50 Member / $60 Non-Member

1- Half Hour Private Lesson

$30 Member / $35 Non-Member

1-Hour Semi-Private Lesson

$35 Member / $40 Non- Member


Welcome to the Serrano Country Club and its Tennis Programs.  Serrano Country Club Tennis Department also offers ladies group clinics, cardio tennis classes, beginner groups, men's work-out classes, play better singles clinics and tennis schools. 

We also offer many adult and junior social events, USTA, SATA, in-house leagues, and club championship tournaments... plus more. 

I am proud of the entire tennis department and know that you will be very satisfied with all the professional services provided and Tennis programing offered here.  If you are interested in stepping out on the court with me, I would love to hear from you.  If you need assistance in deciding which programs, instruction, and or activities which would be best for you, please feel free to contact me at (925) 518-2656 or email at  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 






Ladies Singles' Club Champions

Christa Pothast & Finalist, Mindy Spies

Ladies Club Doubles' Champions

Denise Chisick & Heidi Kurzenski Champions
Tami Floden and Lisa Larson Finalists


Ladies 7.0 League Champs

Men's Club Championship

 Club Championship Winners



Newsletter Article 
September/ October 2017

As all tennis players eventually work out, the mental side of the game is by far the hardest and most important skill to attain.  Many great players had all the skills except the mental side and fell short of reaching their tennis goals.  The "16 Second Cure" technique is a very good way to regain control of your anxiety and emotions between points.  It will help you structure your time during points or games and to be better prepared for the next point.  You can modify it to fit your personal needs, personality and ability.

The 16 Second Cure Includes 4 Stages:

  1. Positive Physical Response- Following a lost point, make a quick decisive move away from the mistakes as if you say with your body "no problem".  Immediately transfer your racquet to your non-dominant hand with your head up and walk back to your position with shoulders back, head up and eyes forward and down, projecting a strong confident image.
  2. Relaxation- Once behind the baseline keep your feet moving.  Your eyes shoud be looking at the strings of your racquet or at the ground.  Shake out your arms if necessary to release tension.  Always walk several feet behind the baseline before starting the next point.  The more stressful the point, the more time you should take in this stage.
  3. Prepartion Response- Move toward your serve or service return position.  Project the strongest, most confident image possible.  Now is when you should plan what your'e going to do with the upcoming point.
  4. Automatic Ritual Response- If you're serving, bounce the ball at least two times and pause after the last bounce to gather yourself before starting the service motion.  This will guard against hurrying when under pressure.  If your returning fix your eyes on the ball on the other side.  Maintain movement by jumping up and down or swaying back and forth.  Some players like to spin their racquet in their hand.
US Open Tennis
The fourth and final Grand Slam Tournament of the year will be played in early September.  The US Open begins August 28th and continues for two weeks.  The US Open (played in NY at the Billie Jean King tennis center) is known for its fast hard courts which defiantly suits the more aggessive style of players.  Roger Federer has won two of the first three grand slams of the year and is having a great year considering he's one of the oldest players on tour.  Other favorites for the Men's draw could be Andy Murray & Rafael Nadal, but it should be a wide open event.  On the Women's draw, it;s much harder to pick a favorite as Serena Williams is not playing due to her pregnancy.  You'd have to think her sister, Venus has a great shot of another title. 


    2017 Fall / Winter Junior Schedule
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