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Serrano Country Club offers a state of the art fitness center open everyday from 5 AM to 9 PM. Whether you are looking for yoga or cardio kickboxing, we offer over 20 complementary group exercise classes a week with the best instructors in the area. We offer individual, group, and Pilates Reformer personal training in the fitness center.  Whatever your fitness  goals are, we can help you reach them. 






Serrano Views Newsletter Article

Jen Smith, Fitness Director


September/ October 2018


The gym is a  great atmosphere for all those to enjoy if the proper rules and protocol are followed.  Some rules/guidelines are posted at the gym and some are unwritten rules called gym etiquette. 

  1. Please do not talk on your cell phone

  2. Please re-rack all weights

  3. Please wipe down equipment after use

  4. Please follow the guest rules posted

  5. Must wear proper gym clothes/tennis shoes

Some unwritten gym rules, otherwise known as gym etiquette, are as follows:

  1. PUT WEIGHTS WHERE THEY BELONG.  If weights are placed in the wrong position it creates a perpetual cycle of misplaced dumbbells.

  2. DON'T HOG THE WEIGHTS- hit most any gym in peak hours and you will know the struggle of not having a single dumbbell to work with. Use one set at a time or be ready to share the weights.

  3. LET OTHERS WORK IN- a common courtesy to follow with other members is to let them work in with you between sets. If at all possible help your fellow members out by offering your spot while resting between sets.


  5. PLEASE PUT YOUR EQUIPMENT AWAY WHEN DONE in all areas of the gym, including the stretch areas.

  6. PLEASE DO NOT DROP HEAVY WEIGHTS ON THE FLOOR- our equipment is not built to be dropped on the floor in addition it breaks down the integrity of the weights/clips and no member wants it on their toes.

  7. If somebody's personal item, towel or water bottle is near or on specific piece of equipment, look around and ask if any one is using it before begining your set.




Fitness Center Hours

Open Daily 5:00am-9:00pm

Fitness Center Reception Desk

Staffed Daily 5:00am-9:00pm

Phone Number: 916-358-7033

Group Exercise Class Schedule 


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the  Group Exercise Class Schedule
*You can now sign up for upcoming classes using the MINDBODY App


Fitness Director 
Jen Smith



Jen Smith is the area’s most respected Fitness Trainer.  For over a decade Jen has been improving the lives of many dedicated local residents.  She admits that the client is responsible for achieving the results, and that it takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination.  But, Jen’s techniques soften the blow by making workouts fun, challenging, and a bit different each time.  She works with all fitness levels, regardless of age, and focuses on teaching proper form and technique for maximum results.  Jen transformed herself and lost 80 lbs after the birth of her third child. She loves helping others reach their fitness goals. From those who are seeking drastic or moderate changes in their personal fitness level.   Jen is a Certified Ace Personal Trainer and is recognized as a Certified Tae Bo, TRX, Spin, Kick Box, Group Training, Pilates Reformer, Les Mills Body Pump, and a certified BeachBody Coach (the largest producer of home exercise DVD’s in the world and nutritional products). 

If you're new to the fitness center and/or have any questions about what workout program is best for you, reach out to me directly for quick answers, a consultation, or an initial 30 minute  complimentary orientation.  

Jen Smith
Fitness Director

Training Rates: 
Individual Personal Training:$70/hour for individual
2 People:$35 per person per hour
For more information, you can reach Jen at 916-969-9599
or email at

Cardio Equipment Orientation

CLICK HERE to access the You Tube link
for the Fitness Club's cardio equipment orientation
provided by Fitness Trainer, Jen Smith.