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Serrano Country Club offers a state of the art fitness center open everyday from 5 AM to 9 PM. Whether you are looking for yoga or cardio kickboxing, we offer over 20 complementary group exercise classes a week with the best instructors in the area. We offer individual, group, and Pilates Reformer personal training in the fitness center. Whatever your fitness goals are, we can help you reach them. 





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Kale Chip Recipe
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"I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try a new class. Our bodies love change in exercise routines and if you’ve been taking the same classes for a while it would be beneficial to change things up. There’s always a ‘first time’ to be in a class. Just let our friendly instructors know it’s your first time and we’ll be sure you are set up and ready to go. Remember, the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen! "
-Michelle Dickman, Fitness Director


How it works... 

1. Stop by the fitness center the first week of January and ask for your SERRANO CHALLENGE stamp card 

2. Try at least 7 different classes in one month  

3. Immediately after taking a class, ask the front desk to stamp your SERRANO CHALLENGE stamp card  
Example: Enjoy Yoga? Take a yoga class! After the class stop at the fitness front desk and have your SERRANO CHALLENGE card stamped in the box marked yoga.  

4. After completing 7 different classes in January, you are ready to be entered into our monthly drawing. Simply turn in your SERRANO CHALLENGE! card to the front desk and our monthly drawing will reveal the three lucky members who will receive their choice of a Serrano Fitness shirt or sweatshirt! Winners will be announced on January 31st! 

The Serrano Challenge will run again in February. 


Serrano Views Newsletter Article

January/February 2020

Welcome 2020! Let’s get those New Year resolutions jump-started. I am excited to begin the New Year as Serrano’s Fitness Director and look forward to helping you meet your new year’s fitness resolutions! We are offering several new Group X classes beginning January including, cardio, strength and senior classes. All fitness levels are welcome! I encourage you to stop by the fitness center. Let’s talk about your fitness goals! 
Are you interested in personal training or Group Fitness Classes? The New Year is a great time to start. Let’s work to get toned muscles, feel more confident, increase strength, and/or lose weight!  Whether you hope to begin or continue your fitness journey here are a few KEY TIPS for finding a fitness plan that CAN WORK:
  • Do What You Love Choose a workout that you actually love. What does that look like?  One-on-one training to meet a goal, having a workout partner to motivate you, trying a new group class for fun? 
  • Shake things Up If you feel like you’re bored, consider trying something different. We are offering incentives for our members who are willing to try new classes. Come in and ask our front desk for details.
  • Try a One-On-One Session With a Personal Trainer Get acquainted with those intimidating weight machines or tweak your current workout to increase muscle tone and kick start your fitness goals.
  • Remember The Scale Doesn’t Matter Focusing on hard-and-fast numbers can be detrimental to your fitness goals.  Instead, focus on short term goals like noticing how much stronger you are, how your clothes fit, or even how you can now chase after the kids without breaking a sweat.
  • Give Up One Bad Habit At a Time Cutting out every dessert or carb isn’t realistic. Instead, pick one vice you could probably do without and work towards maintaining a reasonable sense of control without feeling deprived.
  • Change Your Attitude Look at working out as a fun, daily adventure!  Focus on an awesome instructor, Serrano's great community, or the newfound energy and focus you have after a great class or training session.
Now… Let’s talk about diet. When you hear the term ‘Diet’ what do you think? I can’t have bread or sugar? Does it mean giving up all the yummy foods you love in exchange for a dull diet of tasteless food? No! Diet by definition is simply the kinds of food that a person habitually eats. To make things simple, start by making small changes to what you at and try replacing those items with a cleaner choice that will help you have more energy, feel better, and may even result in weight loss.
What is ‘clean eating’? Well, It simply involves choosing minimally processed, whole foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. 
Some great choices are:
  • Avocados
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Healthy fats like olive, coconut and avocado oil

Overall you should strive for well-balanced meals and limit your fat, sugar, and salt intake. Cooking at home and reading nutritional labels is a great place to start. Who knows what’s going into your food unless you make it yourself? 

Did you know...?  People often mistake hunger for thirst. Staying hydrated helps minimize overeating, boosts skin health and beauty, delivers oxygen to the body, and lubricates the joints. At a minimum, I recommend drinking a glass of water when you wake up, before & in between every meal. Making a habit of staying hydrated is a key component to good health and fitness. 

I look forward to meeting you all in the fitness center, and I sincerely hope you will stop by to say hello. Let’s talk about your fitness goals and work towards creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. 



New Barres in the Group X Room






Fitness Center Hours

Open Daily 5:00am-9:00pm

Fitness Center Reception Desk

Staffed Daily 5:00am-9:00pm

Phone Number: 916-358-7033


Group Exercise Class Schedule 

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*You can now sign up for upcoming classes using the MINDBODY App


Fitness Director 
Michelle Dickman


Michelle Dickman is a fitness expert with over ten years of experience in the fitness industry.  She is a Certified Ace Personal trainer, AFAA Group instructor, and Yoga Instructor RYT200.

Michelle firmly subscribes to Newton’s first law “A body in motion tends to stay in motion,” and brings a passion for fitness unmatched by most.  

Michelle is equally passionate about nutrition, and firmly believes that healthy food choices, proper eating habits, and adequate hydration are key components to overall health and fitness. 
In addition to teaching a wide array of group fitness classes, Michelle offers individualized fitness assessments as a prelude to her personal training programs. Michelle prides herself in genuinely listening to her client’s physical challenges & goals, which she believes is imperative to developing a safe, fun, effective and trackable personalized exercise regimen.     

Whether you are looking to maintain a level of fitness, or are just beginning your fitness journey, Michelle is here to motivate and encourage you to get moving & keep moving!  

Michelle invites you to sign up for a personal fitness assessment today!  What are you waiting for?

Training Rates:

Individual Personal Training: $75/hour for individual

2 People:
$35 per person per hour

For more information, you can reach Michelle at:
916-358-7040 ext. 163
or by email at