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Welcome to Serrano Country Club and its Tennis Programs, it's a great place to play.  Serrano Country Club's Tennis Department offers ladies group clinics, cardio tennis classes, private lessons, beginner groups, men's work-out classes, play better singles clinics and drop-in classes complemented by our 4 lighted tennis courts for evening play.  We also offer many adult and junior social events, USTA, SATA and in-house leagues, and annual Club Championship Tournaments... plus more.

Our USPTA certified tennis director and his staff can help you find the best ways to get started in the game of tennis or to get back into it if you've been away for a while.  They can also help you fine-tune your game or get you involved with the various leagues and clinics available.


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Serrano Views Newsletter Article

Andrew Fearnside, Tennis Professional

May/June 2019

I love this time of year, cool mornings turning hot on the tennis courts. We got off to a slow start this year with the countless number bad weather days. That’s behind us now so it’s a great time to knock the rust off your games with a clinic or private lesson.  Remember, practicing correctly is the key to improvement. Drill with your partner, or coach, not just playing points.

10 things to think about that might help your tennis game: 

  1. The average length of a point in a match is about 4 seconds. The average strokes hit between both players during a point is 3 1/2. 
  2. The tennis court is 9 ft longer cross court than it is down the line – safer shot with more court space and less movement to recover-to the middle. Also your hitting over the low part of the net. The net is 3ft in the middle and 3ft 6in on the edges. 
  3. The tennis ball travels faster and bounces higher when the temperature is hotter and the air is dryer - like in Phoenix Arizona.
  4. Tennis balls become heavier when there is more humidity in the air, there is more drag on the ball and it travels slower through the air.
  5. Racquet Back does not refer to taking the racquet back but moving the outside foot near the ball toward the sideline.  This move opens the hip and the shoulder- which gives the appearance of "taking the racquet back."  It is not an isolated move with the  shoulder.
  6. "Ready Position" in tennis is similar to the position of a praying mantis as he prepares to attack his prey.
  7. "The Net" wins more points than your opponent.  Most errors in tennis are made into the net.
  8. "Return of Serve" should resemble an approach shot more than a ground stroke-especially for club players.  That is achieved by starting back so you can move through the return of a serve.
  9. "Footwork"- the Pros average 10-12 steps between each shot they hit.
  10. "Grip Tension"- the Pros use a very light grip tension when they hold the racquet.  On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the tightest, they typically use about a 2 to 3 grip tension level.




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     "I am proud of the entire tennis department and know that you will be very satisfied with all the professional services provided and Tennis programming offered here. If you are interested in stepping out on the court with me, I would love to hear from you. For information on lessons and pricing or if you need assistance in deciding which programs, instruction and or activities would be best for you, please feel free to contact me at (925) 518-2656 or e-mail me at 

I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

-Andrew Fearnside



Tennis Director
Andrew Fearnside


Before arriving at Serrano, Andrew held the position of Tennis Director at the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club, Livermore Valley Tennis Club, and Natomas Racquet Clubs.  He also owned and manged the Fearnside Tennis Academy.  Before moving to California, Andrew was the Head Professional, Director of Junior Excellence and Director of Teaching Excellence at the Mid-Town Tennis Club in Chicago.  While living in the UK, he was the Head Professional at the Riverside Club in London, England.

Andrew has an extensive background in teaching tennis all over the world.  While living in Chicago, he was formally a USTA National coach for the Mid-West Section.  Andrew has trained over 200 nationally ranked and over 300 sectional ranked junior players, six players with ITF World Junior Rankings (including a former #1 world ranked junior player) and several former and current touring professionals, which includes three Federation Cup Players and one Davis Cup Player.

Andrew is an Australian teaching professional who is a former ATP world ranked player.  He was formerly a top 5 ranked player for singles and doubles age divisions in the USTA Nor-Cal Section and held USTA National and ITF World Senior Disvion rankings.  

Andrew holds an Elite Level Certification with the USPTA and holds the USTA High Performance Certification.  He also holds a USTA Sport Science Certification and is a USPTA Junior Development Specialist.  Andrew is also the USPTA Regional Director for the Sacramento Region.